About Nick Romney

This is the personal website of Nick Romney (not Mitt Romney – see the home page for a screenshot of how Google confuses me with a US Presidential candidate).

I work in central London providing Infrastructure Consultancy for a firm in the financial services industry.


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A minor tweak to the location of brackets in the menu code to improve performance means that “my” code helps power one in every 6 websites on the Internet and that I’m listed in some illustrious technical company as one of the WordPress copyright holders.

Why the tag line “Running for trains, not the US Presidency”?

During the 2012 US election, suddenly I started getting tagged on Twitter by people who were a little confused by the name “Mitt”, and changed it to the altogether more reasonable “Nick”.


From the 2012 election, a couple of the more printable tweets where I was confused for someone with more hair:


I came across these on a blog about US politics, but as it concludes:

It’s amusing, sure, but also disturbing. People like these may decide the outcome of this election.