Experiments with static sites

I plan to write more fully on static sites, particularly covering:

Here's my current journey:

Benchmarking #

The assumption is that the move to a static site would be faster than an uncomplicated WordPress site.

Choosing Hugo #

Much of the inspiration (and many of the steps) were borrowed from Christian Bรคr's blog posts on setting up a static site

I chose Hugo for many of the same reasons:

Choosing a Hugo theme #

My criteria were:

I chose Future Imperfect Slim

Installing Hugo #

cd c:\personal\code\static
hugo new site nickromney.com
cd nickromney.com
git init
git submodule add https://github.com/pacollins/hugo-future-imperfect-slim.git themes/hugo-future-imperfect-slim

Understanding bundles #

Add tags / categories #

Add images #

Add a frontpage #

Getting ready to publish #




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